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Finding your perfect nude lip shade

by Nita Mishra

Thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, nude lips have become a sensation. Yet, defining what exactly qualifies as ‘nude’ has evolved with time, and rightly so. The secret to finding the perfect nude lipstick lies not in the shade name but in how well it complements your skin tone. Whether your complexion is fair, beige, warm wheatish, or chocolate brown, the key remains the same.

Understanding Your Skin’s Undertone:

Regardless of whether your skin tone is fair or dark, it’s your individual undertones that truly matter. Discovering your undertones is easy; just hold silver and gold jewelry against your face. If silver complements you better, your undertones are cool. If gold looks more flattering, your undertones are warm. Should both look equally good, you have neutral undertones, allowing you the freedom to choose a nude lipstick according to your preference without fear of looking washed out.

Tailoring Nude to Your Skin Color:

The right nude is a personal journey and is heavily dependent on your skin color. It’s crucial to pick shades slightly brighter or darker than your current skin tone. Makeup artist Mallika Bhat, known for working with celebrities like Kajol, Karisma Kapoor, and Malaika Arora, suggests, “Fair complexions suit pink nudes, wheat tones rock brown nudes, while dark skin tones shine in coral-toned nudes. Matte or velvety matte finishes work best for nude lipsticks during the day. Reserve glossy nudes for the evening and night.”

The Power of Lip Liners:

When it comes to nude lipsticks, lip liners are your best friend. Subbu, the makeup expert for stars like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Anushka Sharma, emphasizes the importance of lining your lips to create a defined pout. “Some nude shades require a lip liner that is at least two shades darker than the lipstick. This ensures your nude lipstick doesn’t blend into your skin. Always try on nudes with a lip liner before buying to see the exact effect you’ll achieve at home.”

Embracing Two-Toned Lips:

Sometimes, your lips may have a darker natural color or a darker outline. Anil Chinnappa, renowned for working with Priyanka Chopra and Sara Ali Khan, suggests prepping your lips with a lighter lip liner or a thin layer of foundation or concealer. “Match your lip base to your skin tone and then apply a nude lipstick slightly darker than your skin to make it stand out. If you’re using a base on your lips, avoid glosses as they can reveal the color underneath.”

So, go ahead and celebrate your unique nude. With these expert tips, you’re sure to find the perfect shade that enhances your natural beauty, ensuring your lips look flawless and fabulous.

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