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Learn how to create No-Makeup-Makeup Look: 8 Easy Steps

by Nita Mishra

Do you want to look fresh and natural without spending hours on your makeup? The no-makeup makeup trend is the answer! Here are eight easy tips to help you achieve a beautiful, effortless look in just a few minutes.{Learn how to create}

1. Begin with Good Skin Care

Start with clean, moisturized skin. Use a primer to create a smooth base. Choose one that suits your skin type – dewy for a radiant look or matte for a natural finish.

2. Say No to Heavy Foundation

Avoid heavy foundation. Use a light foundation or embrace your natural skin. Let your real beauty shine through!

3. Conceal Wisely

Use concealer to cover blemishes and dark spots. Find the right shade using tools like the Maybelline Foundation Finder. Apply a bit under your eyes for a bright look. Set it with a touch of powder.

4. Add a Hint of Blush

Apply a bit of blush to your cheeks for a healthy glow. If you want a sun-kissed look, apply a warm-toned blush on your nose too.

5. Add a Subtle Glow

Use a liquid highlighter on the high points of your face for a radiant effect. Mix it with your primer for a natural glow.

6. Keep Your Eyes Simple

Use a light eyeshadow and blend it with your fingers. Apply a brown eyeliner on your waterline. Use mascara to enhance your lashes and fill in your brows lightly.

7. Enhance Your Lips Naturally

Choose a lipstick close to your natural lip color. You can try different shades using tools like the Maybelline Virtual Try-On. Top it with lip balm for a glossy finish.

8. Set with Setting Spray

Spritz some setting spray to set your makeup and refresh your skin.

Additional Tips:

  1. Use your fingers for a soft, natural look. A makeup sponge is great for light foundation coverage.
  2. Stick to neutral colors for eyes and lips.
  3. Add a touch of shimmer on your eyelids, but avoid glittery eyeshadows.
  4. If you don’t like lipsticks, try a tinted lip balm for a natural, glossy look.

With these simple steps, you can achieve a fresh, natural look without much effort. Embrace your beauty and shine!

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