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From Mehndi to Reception: Choose the Perfect Lipstick Colours

by Nita Mishra

Selecting the perfect lipstick colour for your wedding ceremonies is a nuanced art. The right shade can enhance your overall look and complement the ambiance of the event. In this guide, we’ll navigate the intricate process of choosing the ideal lipstick for different wedding moments, ensuring you dazzle with confidence.

From Mehndi to Reception

Understanding Skin Undertones

Before diving into lipstick options, it’s crucial to understand your skin undertones. Whether warm, cool, or neutral, your undertones significantly influence the lipstick shades that will harmonize with your complexion. Knowing this key aspect sets the foundation for your perfect lip colour.

Daytime Wedding Lipstick Shades

For daytime ceremonies, subtlety is key. Explore natural and soft lipstick shades that resonate with the daylight. Consider the venue and theme of the wedding, ensuring your lipstick choice complements the overall atmosphere.

perfect lipstick colours for various wedding ceremonies

CeremonyLipstick ColorsTips
Mehndi Ceremony– Vibrant Reds– Opt for long-lasting formulas
– Coral Hues– Choose matte finishes for durability
– Earthy Browns
Sangeet Night– Glamorous Berry Shades– Consider venue lighting for lip color selection
– Wine Reds– Waterproof and transfer-resistant formulas
– Shimmery Nudes
Haldi Ceremony– Subtle Pinks– Choose lightweight formulas for comfort
– Peachy Nudes– Opt for stain or tinted balms for easy touch-ups
– Tinted Balms
Wedding Day– Classic Red– Experiment with lip liners for definition
– Muted Rose– Consider overall color palette of bridal ensemble
– Custom Lip Color
Reception– Bold Berries– Balance lipstick intensity with venue formality
– Metallic Touch– Ensure lipstick complements the reception theme
– Soft Mauves

Remember to tailor these suggestions to your personal preferences and style, ensuring you feel radiant and confident on your special day.

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